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Diesel Aftertreatment

We have computer diagnostic equipment that will communicate with the truck’s engine control module to identify active and stored trouble codes. Our specialized DPF cleaning machines can physically test the current state of critical emissions components solving issues often not detected by computer equipment. Our experience allows us to quickly identify and fix a truck’s problem using these tools.

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Prevent Headaches!

With today’s diesel emissions regulations, faulty or worn components in the exhaust system will trigger warning lights which can suddenly derate the engine or even worse stop the engine leaving you stranded on the road stuck with a tow bill. Our job is to keep this from happening or make this a painless process.

We provide diesel aftertreatment services in following areas like Oakland, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa and Vacaville.

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Our entire goal at Diesel Exhaust Services is to make sure that your truck's downtime is kept at a very low rate. We will give you an honest and beyond competitive price and turnaround time. Click below to book an appointment for diesel aftertreatment service.

Quick Facts

Diesel Exhaust Isn’t What it Used to Be! It’s now an aftertreatment system, comprised of EGR, DOC, DPF, DEF, SCR, & ECM. Diesel technology is changing and we are on the front line. We makre sure you’re in compliance at all times, using the best technology that’s out there.

Plan Ahead!

Our experience in this specialized market allows for quick and effective repairs as well as a future maintenance plan limiting downtime. Let Diesel Exhaust Services make sure you’re back on the road ASAP!