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At Diesel Exhaust Services our job is maintaining the evolving emissions system on your truck to keep you on the road and off the hook. We offer a specific diesel truck preventative maintenance program that focuses on reducing downtime, unexpected derate conditions, and costly repairs, as well as a recommended service schedule eliminating the guess work. Our technicians are today’s diesel generation specializing in accurate/effective engine and emissions diagnostics. We fix it right the first time and tackle the threatening problems around the corner. We provide truck preventative maintenance service in following locations: Oakland, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa and Vacaville.

So is this an emergency? Bring it on! But let’s end the emergencies today.

Truck Preventative Maintenance for Diesel Trucks

Pit Stop

Same Day Service

Starting at $299

Downtime Eliminator

Overnight Service

Starting at $699

"Growing up my dad told me stories of opening the hood of his truck at 5pm after a long day, changing pistons and liners, and shutting the hood at 4am the next morning to make it back on the road because his trucks did not miss a day of work. We’ll do what it takes to make sure your truck won’t miss a day of work."

- Joe Helberg Jr

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No problem! We offer unmatched DPF cleaning services, all the gaskets, and clamps you need, as well as some tips and tricks we’d love to share.

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